Wwise & Unity Project Integration

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This post will be a simple introduction to setting up Wwise and Unity projects. If starting completely new projects, make sure that you have downloaded the latest versions of both Wwise and Unity. If you have an older version of Unity, check its compatibility with Wwise here.

  1. Launch Unity and create a new project. Save the project once it has been created. If  integrating into an existing project, back it up and ensure there are no compiler errors.
  2. Open the Wwise Launcher, and select the Unity tab. The Unity project should show up here.
  3. Select ‘Integrate Wwise into Project’.
  4. Recommended settings are generally OK here. Make sure to choose preferred deployment platforms (Mac, Windows, Android etc).
  5. If you have already created a Wwise project, you can browse for the project path and link it. If you leave the Wwise project path blank, it will create a new Wwise project for you.
  6. Choose integrate, and let it work for a couple of minutes. Once this is complete, the Wwise project will be integrated into the Unity project.
  7. Open the Unity project, and there should now be a Wwise Picker tab in Unity. This window is also available through Window > Wwise Picker in the Unity toolbar.  There will also be a WwiseGlobal GameObject in the Hierarchy. If you can see this, the integration has been successful!

    Note: Wwise will automatically disable Unity’s audio engine during the installation process. Any sounds already in your project using Unity’s audio engine will be disabled.

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